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Mr Zahid Zaman Started a Company CVC PVT LTD (Cuty Video) in 1978. Dedicated group of media and marketing professionals, start peration with working vedio graphy
CVC Started in1983 with Bollywood Film distribution and wedding videography.
In 1983 CVC started value able film distribution in all over Pakistan with wide network.
In 1987 expanded and started exhibition & production, for films and stage Dramas also expand market to UAE.
In 1995 CVC started Lollywood Film Distribution, Music Videos, and Geet Mala Albums (Bollywood and Lollywood)
Drama Production started in 1998 , introduce CGI VFX and non linear editing in Pakistanand Produce first Science Fiction Drama Series (Mario 26 Episodes) aired on Pakistan
Television (PTV), which was a block buster landmark in Pakistan and still remembered.
Talent Management services also started in 2005.
In 2010 CVC PVT LTD formed a new Company Zee Zee Arts SDN BHD in Malaysia . ZeeZee Arts SDN BHD operational in August 2012.
For the past 38+ years, a wide range of regional, national and international brands have relied on our media strategy, expertise, relationships and assistance with execution to ensure the
success of their media production’s and cooperative advertising programs.
Needless to say, we’re absolutely passionate about developing strategies that get results and finding your brand meaningful, memorable places to live, whether it be digital, traditional or
unconventional platforms. We’ll explore them together and make your brand truly impactful in the hearts, minds and purchase decisions of your target audience.
Live Inspired
Formed by Reputed CVC PVT LTD (Cuty Video) in 2010, Zee Zee Arts sdn bhd (Zahid Zaman Arts) is a media company that informs, educates, entertains and connects people. We aim
to provide compelling content and creative solutions to enrich lives, helping people to know more, do more and to live inspired.
We focus on building internal and external partnerships, investing in quality content delivered via physical and digital channels to best serve our customers’ needs.
In a continent where economic progress and social reform are critical goals, we believe that concentrating on our core drivers will ensure appropriate investments to best achieve our vision.
Zee Zee Arts sdn bhd plays an important role in the communities we serve, in people’s lives. Looking beyond our strategies, our operational structure and excellence, we bring to life
incisive (Concerts, Events, Coordination, Stage Dramas, Talent Management for artists, Wedding Production, documentaries, Drama, Films, Music Videos, Post production)
that can have an impact on society.
We want to provide our best in the class services to refine your work flow's and give you with an end to end support in everything. Services which will refine your imagination.
In a continent where economic progress and social reforms are critical goals, Zee Zee Arts sdn bhd enriches lives, by offering solutions for knowledge, information, leisure and business.
That is the essence of what makes Zee Zee Arts sdn bhd the company that it is…..